Slipping can often happen in your own home, but many accidents can also happen outside your home on the premises of someone else’s commercial, public or private property.


In most states, all land and property owners are responsible for maintaining property provisions to protect visitors or guests from unwarranted damages. For example, it is the responsibility of the store owner to maintain stable floors and proper lighting and to provide legible signs to inform customers of the dangers that exist in the store. Hosts who are unable to maintain a safe location for their visitors may be liable for injuries to their property due to negligence and onsite liability.



The number one reason you need a lawyer to help you in your fall case is to prove your responsibility. In this type of personal injury case, one of the biggest challenges is proving that you were not responsible for the incident, but that the home or property owner was negligent. Attorneys review the evidence to determine the difference between your own tripping and a homeowner who knows it’s raining and the floor is slippery but doesn’t take the proper precautions. Personal injury attorneys are experienced with this type of case and know where to start proving liability.


You can be compensated if you are injured in an accident falling on someone else’s property. Not all injuries are apparent immediately after a fall. Some fall victims may not be aware of symptoms of injury for several days or weeks after the fall, while others may get worse if not treated promptly. If you are seriously injured after a fall and you will need immediate medical attention. Head and lower back injuries are common, especially with falls in the elderly, and may require prompt treatment to avoid serious consequences.


In addition to the burden of proof, attorneys collect other types of evidence. They went to the scene of the accident, took pictures, and spoke to various witnesses. An attorney will contact the person who witnessed the incident. You can also find people who have had problems with this property in the past. If you recently slipped and found someone falling on the same property, that would be very helpful.


This proves that the business or owner was aware of the problem and the risk but still did something. The lawyer will then provide this evidence to the court to help you win the case. A Slip and fall attorney understands how difficult it is to prove a company’s negligence in the event of slips and falls. A good slip and fall attorney promises to fight for accountability and have the resources to do so. When it comes to protecting the interests of our customers, a good slip and fall lawyer never backs down.


Testimony serves as a useful aid in the pursuit of legal vehicles in fall accidents. If the defendant refutes your story or tries to deny his role in the accident, you can use eyewitness accounts to see your version of events. After you have an accident with someone else’s property, it is important to let the property owner knows that the accident has occurred.


If you are injured on the premises of a business, the responsible owner or manager may require you to report the accident, which requires a statement that includes all relevant details.


Do not make a statement outlining the extent of the accident until you have consulted an attorney. Submitting an accident report will serve as evidence later in the claim process that you took the accident seriously and took the necessary steps to document the incident after it happened.



When it comes to proceedings against a defendant who has fallen, there is not enough time. Under the Personal Injury Act, victims of an accident seeking compensation from a defendant must do so within the time limit set by the state statute of limitations.


The statute of limitations for a fall accident is defined as the amount of time the injured party must file a claim or action after the accident has occurred. Deadlines for fall charges vary from state to state. Accidental falls can have serious consequences such as serious injury. So, let us help you to recover your losses.

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